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Trampoline parks are hella fun until you dislocate your shoulder… activity sessions canceled ’til further notice, doctor’s orders 😦

What does it look like to learn ambidexterity? It’s simply doing everything you do every day, but from your non-dominant side.

Watch our brief video on the Home page to see a bit of the benefits of learning ambidexterity, or as it’s more accurately known as; Dual dominance.

These activity sessions are, simply, us having FUN doing everyday activities and ones you maybe grew up with: switch kickball, switch wallball, switch of a game called ballgolf, even just relaxed frisbee/football tossing or kicking, backwards walking, inversions, switch writing and more.

Everyone is welcome to participate and it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, advanced, young, old… if you can get outside and move around, come join us!

  • Relaxed or athletic attire is strongly encouraged.
  • We’ll be outside on grass so sunblock and comfortable shoes to move around in or run around in is what you’ll want to wear. 
  • These activity sessions are FREE to join!
  • Donations are definitely welcome.
  • And if you know of great parks or spaces in the area to host future activity sessions, please let us know!

Let’s go have fun and make that corpus callosum sexy!!

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