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Mirror-image designed clothing grows your corpus callosum.

Achieving a balanced, dual-dominant body and mind requires practicing daily activities from your non-dominant side. For most activities, switching sides is all that’s required; handwriting, throwing, kicking a ball, turning on a light switch, brushing your teeth, etc. There’s no need for object modification to practice these activities switch.

Most objects though, by human design, only develop the right hand (keyboards, can openers, stick shifts, etc). One such object is clothing. Most jeans, zip-up hoodies, button-up shirts (for men) and t-shirt front pockets are designed to only develop your left brain hemisphere (right hand). Considering how frequent you put on, take off and adjust your clothing every day, mirror-image designed clothing makes a difference in developing body and mind balance over time.

Learn Lefty apparel is mirror-image designed to develop body and mind balance. Using mirrior-image designed apparel will feel ‘wierd’ at first. That wierd feeling is your brain working to make new hemispheric connections to perform the mirror-imaged action, increasing the size of your corpus callosum in the process.

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